Pirate Picnic with the Zion Police Department

ZCMS students have lunch with the Zion Police Department. /Photos: Courtesy ZSD6ZCMS students have lunch with the Zion Police Department. /Photos: Courtesy ZSD6

By Zion 6

Zion, IL. – On Friday, November 9, 2018, Principal Venus Shannon, along with seven ZCMS students had the honor of presenting the Zion Police Department a wonderful picnic lunch. Deputy Chief Henderson, along with 42 other officers were present for the ZCMS picnic. Included in the picnic were signed cards by our staff and students, showing appreciation for everything our Zion Police officers do. Our students were incredibly excited to go on this short field-trip and help set up the table for the officers. The policemen took our students on a tour to visit the station’s jail.
Our students gained additional respect for our law enforcement officers and we got the privilege to thank the courageous, hard-working men and women at the Zion Police Station. All students and staff left with the agreement that they want to create more opportunities to involve our police force in positive ways to interact with our school community.

Beulah Park Student of the Month
Addison Wence is a definite leader in our classroom. She is a master of the CHAMPS system (classroom management), and she models appropriate school behavior for her classmates. She shows kindness to others on a daily basis by sharing tools, using kind words, including others in games, and even something as simple as making space next to her on the carpet for someone else to sit down. In addition to her wonderful social skills, Addison’s academic skills are exemplary. As a second grader, she already values her education and puts her best effort into every assignment and activity.

ZCMS Student of the Month
Karen Gutierrez-Marban was nominated three times by her Harvard Team and her trades teachers. She is always respectful, on time to class, hard worker and always completes her work on time. She shows motivation and is willing to give 100% of her efforts for every assignment, every day. Karen shows great leadership opportunities when she often takes the role as a student teacher and help others with challenging concepts. She is an amazing student, and has excellent academic skills.


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