Schneider Announces Support for Pelosi as Speaker

Brad Schneider. /Foto: InternetBrad Schneider. /Foto: Internet

By PF Staff

Washington, DC. – Last Monday, Congressman Brad Schneider (IL-10) released the following statement of support for Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi in her bid for Speaker of the House:
“Our next Speaker of the House must uphold the commitments we made to the American people to put working families first, improve the quality and lower the cost of health care, and get Congress working again for our communities and nation.
“In this critical moment, given both the challenges and the opportunities before us, I believe there is no one better equipped to lead us forward than Nancy Pelosi. As the Speaker during the passage of the Affordable Care Act under our previous majority, she time and time again demonstrated deft skill to pass critical legislation. Over the past two years, she has ably led the Democratic Caucus in defending the ACA and fighting for our values.
“I know Leader Pelosi will also prioritize the issues that matter most to my constituents: from protecting Medicare and Social Security and passing commonsense gun safety legislation to reforming our immigration system and addressing global climate change.
“Americans are counting on the new Democratic majority to get to work for them. With no time to waste and so much at stake, I urge my colleagues unite now behind a proven and principled leader – Nancy Pelosi.”