Sheriff Deputies Have ‘No Confidence’ in Curran

Lake County Sheriff’s Highway Patrol Deputies will vote for John Idleburg. /Photo: Courtesy JILake County Sheriff’s Highway Patrol Deputies will vote for John Idleburg. /Photo: Courtesy JI

By Pf Staff

Lake County, IL. – The Lake County Sheriff’s Highway Patrol Deputies expressed ‘no confidence’ in Sheriff Curran in an unprecedented and shocking union vote this past week.
The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Highway Patrol Division is represented by the Illinois Council of Police (ICOPS) which consists of over 150 members. Two thirds of highway patrol ICOPS members that voted expressed ‘no confidence’ in Mark Curran. In a letter written by ICOPS, the organization stated:
[T]he Department has progressively deteriorated in both morale and general direction under [Sheriff Curran’s] leadership. ICOPS members have repeatedly attempted to work with Curran to resolve issues, but are continuously met with resistance….Sheriff Curran’s lack of leadership, mismanagement, and poor policy decisions have damaged the working conditions and relationships to the point they cannot be repaired under the Sheriff’s failing leadership.
“A vote of no confidence is rarely conducted and the results show that Mark Curran is unfit to continue to lead the agency,” John Idleburg, candidate for Lake County Sheriff stated.
“If the men and women in blue do not trust Sheriff Mark Curran, why should the voters of Lake County?” Idleburg added.
Members of Mark Curran’s command staff have also engaged in intimidation of highway patrol deputies to try and interfere with the vote of no confidence.
“Intimidation and bully-style tactics have absolutely no place in the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. If members of Mark Curran’s command engaged in the intimidation and interference of deputies’ union rights, they need to immediately resign or be fired,” Idleburg said.
John Idleburg has been endorsed by the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 66, and Vote Vets PAC. Idleburg is a Marine veteran, President of the Illinois Police Association and has over 32 years of federal law enforcement experience.