McKinney runs for Mayor

Billy McKinney, running for Mayor of Zion. /Photo: Courtesy BMCBilly McKinney, running for Mayor of Zion. /Photo: Courtesy BMC

“Zion needs economic recovery. I am running to serve.” Billy
By Billy McKinney

Zion, IL. – The decision to run for mayor was not an easy one to make. Running as a commissioner was one thing, but putting my name on the ballot for mayor was something altogether different. While most of my life has been in the public arena, the mudslinging and divisiveness of campaigns is not something I was eager to experience.
In the end, I decided that leading this community and providing a vision for the kind of economic recovery our town so desperately needs was far more important than avoiding the arrows I knew would be headed my way once I announced.
So far my opponent has done little but try to drag my name through the mud. He offers no solutions and he has doubled down on the negative and disgraceful rhetoric that we see all too often in political campaigns.
My approach is different. I am running to serve, and I am running because I have a vision for this community. My pledge is to be the full-time mayor our city needs and deserves.
I want to build a better future for our community, but I cannot do this alone. I need your help!
Please consider making a donation to my campaign. I am Billy McKinney, and I am having a fundraiser on March 1, 2019 from 6-9 pm at the Inn at Market Square located at 2723 Sheridan Road in Zion.