Appoints Jail Program Manager and Re-Entry Specialist

Angelica Barbosa-Gomez and Mary Turley. /Photo: Courtesy LCSAngelica Barbosa-Gomez and Mary Turley. /Photo: Courtesy LCS

By PF Staff

Waukegan, IL.- Sheriff John Idleburg is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Lake County Jail Program Manager and Re-Entry Specialist.
Mary Turley was selected to lead the Lake County Jail’s Programming Section. As Program Manager, Mary will oversee inmate education, inmate therapy programs, inmate anger-management programs, and other systems to provide inmates the educational tools and empowerment they need to succeed outside of the jail setting.
Mary has years of experience working as a GED coordinator and instructor, and currently serves as an Adjunct Instructor at the College of Lake County.
Angelica Barbosa-Gomez was selected as the Lake County Jail Re-Entry Specialist. Angelica will focus her efforts on providing essential information and resources to inmates preparing for reentry into the community.
This includes options on employment, stable living, and continued treatment for mental-health or addiction issues. Angelica will work to help inmates have a successful reentry into the community upon their release.
Sheriff John Idleburg said, “One of the most crucial jobs that we have is serving the incarcerated population in the Lake County Jail. It is very important we provide jail inmates with the proper tools and resources to be successful, and contribute positively to society once they are released from our custody. These tools will empower good decision making and ultimately reduce recidivism.
We are very fortunate to have Mary Turley and Angelica Barbosa-Gomez on our team, and I know they will make tremendous positive impacts for our jail population and community.”

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