A New Vision for Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake-The Pride of Mundelein. /Photos: Courtesy VM Diamond Lake-The Pride of Mundelein. /Photos: Courtesy VM

By PF Staff

Mundelein, IL.- The Village of Mundelein is in the process of updating its comprehensive plan—a document that serves as a guide to assist the Mayor, Trustees, and staff with Mundelein’s future decision-making. This Diamond Lake Open House will focus specifically on the Diamond Lake area due to its unique characteristics and enduring history.
A consultant team led by planning and design firm Kimley Horn, in partnership with Mundelein Community Development staff, will facilitate the discussion seeking input from Mundelein residents and stakeholders about a new vision for Diamond Lake.
Preventive Sewer Maintenance Program
In an effort to perform preventive sewer maintenance throughout the Village, Mundelein Public Works will continue its sewer cleaning operations next week in the Loch Lomand Subdivision on the following streets:
-N. Midlothian Rd.
-Aberdeen Ln.
-Braeburn Rd.
-Highland Rd.
-Dublin Dr.
-Lomond Dr.
-Raleigh Rd.
-Firth Rd.
-Lucerne Ct.
-Beach Pl.
-Braemar Dr.
-Londonderry Ct.
Crews will be continuing to work in the Loch Lomand subdivsion for the next several weeks. This preventive work significantly reduces the possibility for any sewer back-up and related problems. Please take note—this cleaning process can sometimes cause a vacuum in the system resulting in water in toilets and P-traps (S shaped bend in pipes below sinks and floor drains) to empty completely.
Mayor Lentz to Participate in MHS Civics Fair
Mundelein High School will host a Civics Fair featuring Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. and Comparative Government students. The event will take place on Thursday, March 14 from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the high school’s commons area. This is the second year for MHS to host this event.
Mayor Steve Lentz will be a guest at the event along with representatives from the offices of Melinda Bush and Daniel Didech, among others. Participating students will present proposals to reform the U.S. political system based on the founding principles of the nation.
Mundelein’s Spring Clean-Up
Mundelein’s annual Spring Clean-Up will take place from April 30-May 10. This is a good opportunity to do some spring cleaning and tidying up. More details to follow, but please mark your calendars now!

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