ZD 6 National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony

24 eighth graders were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. /Photo: Courtesy ZSD624 eighth graders were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. /Photo: Courtesy ZSD6

By Zion 6

Zion, IL. – Out of the 578 students at Zion Central Middle School, 24 eighth graders were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) on Thursday, November 25. These students have shown remarkable dedication to their studies by keeping a GPA of 3.5 or higher, have outstanding respect for their school, teachers, and fellow classmates, and have maintained a clean disciplinary record.
These students are not only dedicated to their studies, but are also working toward bettering their school and community. As members of NJHS, these students will plan and execute service projects within the community/county, while also completing individual hours outside of the group.
At the ceremony, speakers from the District and ZCMS were present to welcome families/students to the event and to officially “swear in” the new members. As part of the induction, members took the NJHS pledge and held a candle lighting ceremony to represent the five pillars (citizenship, service, leadership, scholarship, and character). Not only will these students be representing ZCMS, they will also be representing what it means to be a Zion community member.

Pirate Network Presents: “Top Chef” Competition
With Culinary Arts returning for a second year at ZMCS, last week marked their first “Top Chef” Competition of the year. Mrs. Loiacano and Mr. Lattimore have made waves in their classroom by putting students’ skills to the test! At the end of every quarter, students team up, create their own menu, and serve their dishes to celebrity judges.
After the students have perfected their dishes, they must introduce what they have prepared, how they have prepared it, and answer any questions the judges might have. This exercise puts their cooking skills to the test while also helping them practice social skills necessary for school and life.
One group from every class receives the honor of being “Top Chef Finalists.” These groups receive chef aprons as an award for their outstanding dishes and efforts. Of these chosen groups, one stands alone as the “Ultimate Top Chef.” This high-standing group receives chef aprons and hats! With the skills they have learned, these students are ready to enter into the bigger world of Culinary Arts.
Congratulations to the winning groups and thank you to all ZCMS Culinary Arts students for your hard work and dedication this quarter!

Shiloh Elementary School Student of the Month
Congratulations Ashley Castro for being named Shiloh’s Student of the Month!
Ashley is an outstanding student in many ways. She has excellent attendance, and is always at school on time. She cares about the quality and content of her work, and shows great care and pride in all that she does. She works hard to always include others, and assists other students anyway she can. She is always respectful to staff, students, and everyone she meets. Lastly, she is always kind to everyone, and serves as a role model for others.

West Elementary School Student of the Month
Congratulations Edeline Wence for being named West’s Student of the Month!
Edeline is a student that embodies HEART! She is always respectful to her peers and to all teachers and staff. She is willing to take on any challenge thrown her way and does so with perseverance like no other student I have ever worked with. She is always positive and models that positivity to her peers. Having Edeline in the classroom is a great privilege. Her sunny disposition and love of learning brings a new joy to teaching!