School Spirit and Positive Behavior Rises

Lakeview staff colonized to form the Lakeview Bees. /Photo: ZSD6Lakeview staff colonized to form the Lakeview Bees. /Photo: ZSD6

By Zion 6
Zion, IL. – Student learning and prosocial behavior are at an all-time high at Lakeview Preschool. MTSS (Multi-Tiered Support Staff) and related service staff have joined forces to form the Lakeview Bees. This colony specializes in social-emotional programs within the school, most notably, CHAMPS. CHAMPS is a program that works to create a learning environment where students are responsible, motivated, and focused on the task at hand. To implement this program and promote positive behavior, the Lakeview Bees facilitate training in areas of the school to explain the expected behavior. With the addition of these trainings, students are more engaged in their activities and have already shown an increase in positive behavior overall. As the Lakeview Bees and Wee Bees work together, they are improving their school every day in many ways.

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